Preacher: Loris Heywood

In the year that Guyana became an Independent Nation (1966),
while still a student of QUEEN’S COLLEGE, Loris Heywood became
a born-again believer in JESUS CHRIST. Opportunities have since
abounded for him to demonstrate the grace and goodness of God in
a variety of settings.
Giftings have found expression as he has fulfilled various roles:
– as prize-winning student at Queen’s College for an ‘A’ Level
distinction in Economics (1968), and at the University of Guyana as
the Best Graduating Student in the post-graduate Diploma in
Education programme (1983);
-as Teacher at Central High School (1968-72) and at Ruimveldt
Multilateral (1976-86), where he received the ‘Best Teacher’
accolade at one of the School’s Prize-giving exercises;
-as Senior Programme Assistant at the United Nations Development
Programme (UNDP) 1986-1989, and as a member of the Senior
Staff of the CARICOM Secretariat (1989-2011) with responsibility
for UNDP-funded Regional Projects and latterly for regional Human
Resource Development initiatives;
-as Chairman of the National Board of Inter-School/Inter-Varsity
Christian Fellowship (IS/IVCF), 1977-79, 1981-83 and previously
Member of that Board (1970s-83) as well as Chairman of the Rally
and the Camp Sub-Committees (1970s – 80s approx);
-as Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Christian Advocate on various
Radio and TV programmes and for a variety of conferences, youth
camps, Workers’ groups and other settings; and
-as Member of the Leadership Team, and for the last few years Head
of that Leadership Team at ‘Bethel Gospel Hall’, Camp Street,
No area of endeavour means more to him than that of ‘FAMILY’.
He is married to the love of his life, Claudia, for almost
forty(40)years and they have been blessed with six outstanding
and versatile children, two daughters and four sons, now all adults,
with ages ranging from 25 to 36 years.