God’s Wonderful Plan

HOW would you rather be living? Where would you rather be? Here is a sampling of the life of stresses and day-to-day occurrences that describe life on planet earth: “Students must make monthly payments on the interest on loans before they graduate.” “Police charges a former boyfriend in a stabbing death.” “Agency manager cuts staff jobs; fears retribution from his peers.” “Budget cuts facing more than one trillion dollars deficit.” “Snow falls on first day of spring.” This is the world in which we live. It can be scary.


Our Lord tells us in John 14 that He has gone to prepare a home for us who believe in Him. It is a place made by God Himself-the mighty Architect. It was planned by Him and is finished and fitted as the eternal residence of all who love our Lord Jesus Christ. He presides over it, dispensing light, purity and joy in fullness and perfection. It is filled with His glories. The presence of God is visible there, and in His presence is fullness of joy. At His right hand are pleasures forever.


It is a place not made by human hands; a place far superior to any that the mind of man could ever devise. It was erected in silence, unseen by human eyes, and without the aid of any other power than God’s. At His word and the expression of His will, He called it into being and painted it with His glories. This place has been prepared for our residence by the Lord Jesus Christ, who said, “I go to prepare a place for you John” (14: 2).


There, God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit–dwells more fully and more gloriously than in any part of His created universe. Angels also reside there. There our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ ascended when He left this world, and there He lives and reigns.


Where Is This Place?

Where this great place is, no one on earth has ever been. God has established this glorious and holy place-a place of many mansions–far beyond the solar system. These are not temporary structures, but are eternal in the heavens. It is a City with gates of pearl and walls of jasper reared up on twelve foundations of precious stones by Omnipotence and Truth. Its foundations are laid deep in the unchanging purposes of God. Only God can encompass its wonderful dimensions, for it stretches beyond the boundless space. God’s mind alone can span its infinite dimensions. Time will not impair it, for it exists forever. Eternity cannot shift its foundation, because it is built on the Rock of Ages. No intruder can enter, for it exists for God and all He elects to be in His presence.


This then, will be the dwelling place of the people of God-that place of loveliness, magnificence and splendor. There is the overshadowing beauty of the Tree of Life, bearing its twelve different kinds of fruit, and beneath, the pure river of the water of life, flowing clear as crystal and proceeding out of the throne of God, of which we may freely partake.


Every person of this celestial City is as holy as its King and is clothed in garments of glory, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. We will be as happy as we are holy. There will be no disappointment; no anguish; no eyes heavy with tears; no fear of danger nor anxiety, for the former things are passed away.


Should not we, who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, with much anticipation look forward to residing in this City? Should not the seeking of this country’s welfare be our utmost aim and business? Then, let us declare plainly, that we are citizens of Heaven; not of this world. And should not we endeavor to take with us as many of our neighbors, relatives and friends, as our Lord enables us to do.

Also, should not you, who have not yet believed on Him as Saviour, seek Him without delay, who says, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by Me” (John 14:6).

–T. Wilson